When the rest of the world is still thinking outside the box on how to manage unemployment, George Wayne Murungi, the founder of Nakuru Box, is unboxing his solution. In October 2019. Mr. Murungi, launched the Nakuru Box

An idea he is proud to say was birthed at the Tony Elumelu Foundation Summit that he attended in October 2018. When making the big bet of creating solutions, a space for start-ups, Mr Murungi says, was the noblest idea he came up with. A place where those that are self-employed like him can feel free to work and learn from other people. The product , Nakuru Box, is a technology based co-working space. In addition, they also hold events as well as trainings that promote their entrepreneurial goal.

“We target start-ups, freelancers, writers and SME’s,”

In the last six years, Mr. Murungi  has gone through three incubation programmes that sparked his zeal in entrepreneurship. These programmes have since helped him come up with business plans, structures and finances. The networks he got from the programmes have remained pivotal in his growth and even starting his business. So far, Nakuru Box has nine employees. 

To-date, they have had more than 100 walk-in customers. Its partners, Leah Mbogo, who is also an alumnus of the Tony Elumelu Foundation and now a director, Ian Muge, a technology guru whose fascination lies in start-ups Jojean Properties Limited, that has been instrumental in their business in terms of funding and giving Nakuru Box access to suppliers for construction materials when it was in its earlier stages, have together worked to see Nakuru Box stand firm.

“We want to be the leading company with a major aim of supporting other entrepreneurs in the country’” he says. Mr. Murungi urges upcoming entrepreneurs to identify what they are good at, maximize on it and outsource that which they are not competent in. Developing a  business, he says, needs planning and persistence.


To harness the potential of entrepreneurship among upcoming startups through the right environment, skills and network


To impact at least 100 entrepreneurs yearly to innovate workable and scalable solutions in the economy 


  • Innovation
  • Intergrity 
  • Gratitude
  • Tenacity 
  • Ownership