What is Nakuru Box?

Co-working is a new way of working inspired by the old, with community and collective experiences at its core. Starting with the basics, it offers shared spaces such as restaurant, library, hot desks and more. Using this space to bring everyone together, we are creating collaborative and fun environments that expose members to new people, new ideas and new experiences.

Specifically, what kind of common spaces do you have?

We have private offices, dedicated desk, flex desks and day passes that are inclusive of the amenities that we offer.

What are the benefits of working at Nakuru Box?

Why work at Nakuru Box?

We offer high-speed internet and printing services, access to boardroom facilities, and coffee. At Nakuru Box, you will forget worrying about administrative duties such as client reception, and maintenance and management of office equipment. You also get access to a network/community of like-minded entrepreneurs in diverse fields. As a member, you also get exclusive access to all Nakuru Box entrepreneurial events (discounted prices to paid events).

Can I use the space part-time?

Aside from the monthly packages with mind-blowing offers, you can try out the open space on an affordable day pass ticket, which gives you access to our amenities.

Can I access the office outside regular working hours?

The office is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, and Saturday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. With prior arrangements, you may request for an extension to clear your workload.

Can I bring guests or clients?

As a member, you can bring in clients or guests at any time within the operating hours. You can always book the boardroom for meetings.

Do I need previous experience or knowledge to enroll in training and programs?

Our programs are designed to suit even complete beginners and everything is taught beginning with the basics.

Do I need to have a business to join the Msingi incubation program?

NO! You don't need to have an established business to join the Msingi Incubation program. With just a business idea we can help you realize your dreams by turning it into a business through the program. We also equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to easily navigate the tricky journey of entrepreneurship.

What is the founders' orbit?

This is a community of entrepreneurs, technologists, innovators, and mentors. The community hosts monthly meetings where entrepreneurs meet to learn from industry experts on different ways to improve their businesses. Entrepreneurs also share their challenges and get solutions from their peers and experts within the community.

Can I bring my furniture and equipment to the office?

Yes! Our offices are fully furnished with elegant furniture – ready for use, however, if you prefer your furniture it can be arranged and set up. As for your equipment, they will be secure in the office.

What are some of the training programs and events?

We offer a wide range of training programs cutting across all vital sectors of any business such as Management, Financial Management, Marketing, Branding, Customer Care, Sales, Investment, Debt Management, and many more. We also offer import training teaching you all you need to know from how to import to how to sell your merchandise. We offer corporate training to various departments and individuals in companies on how to better their craft. We also host events themed around innovation & entrepreneurship such as Breakfast/Brunch Events, Corporate Cocktails, Luncheons, Innovation Weeks, etc.

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