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An effective digital marketing strategy is key if you want to ensure that your brand remains visible and competitive in the modern market.

Nakuru Box Academy Digital Marketing online short course will teach you how to reach the right audience by helping you to develop the online marketing skills you need to improve targeting and personalisation, and create a consistent cross-platform brand narrative.

You’ll learn to develop an integrated digital strategy that uses the right tools for the right purposes and aligns internet marketing priorities with bottom-line business goals.


Win the war for attention and secure verifiable proof of your new digital marketing capabilities with an official certificate from Nakuru Box Academy



This online short course is as appropriate for business owners looking to boost their brand’s online presence as it is for existing and aspiring marketing professionals. Those already working in a marketing role can use this opportunity to upgrade their skills to keep up with the times. For those just entering the field, they’ll benefit from the sound introduction to digital marketing that this course provides.


Students can enjoy a personalised online learning experience and access the right level of support for their needs – the student support team is available at all times to offer assistance where it’s required. There are no formal prerequisites for this course.



1)     Digital Marketing Foundation

2)     Website Optimisation

3)     Content Marketing

4)     Social Media Marketing

5)     SEO

6)     Paid Search

7)     Display and Video Advertising

8)     Email Marketing

9)     Google Analytics

10)    Digital Strategy 

This Course is specifically designed for individuals who wish to kick start their career in digital marketing 

  • Strong desire of Becoming a Successful Digital Marketer
  • Passion and Enthusiasm for Learning
  • Don’t Skip Any Lessons (All lessons are important!)
  • No Prior Knowledge required to take this course!



Job roles for digital marketing professionals are wide ranging and have some unique titles. This training is designed to build on a basic level of pre-existing marketing understanding and can lead on to roles such as SEO Manager, Search Director, Digital Marketing Specialist, Social Media Marketing Analyst and more. 

From here, you could work towards more senior marketing roles such as Digital Brand Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Brand Strategist, Marketing Director for example. 

This course is recommended for a variety of professionals including Marketing Executives, Managers, IT Managers and Senior Management. In addition, it is ideal for small business owners or anyone involved in the planning, implementation or measurement of digital strategies along with anyone keen to pursue a career in digital marketing. 


  • Total Duration – 1.5 Months 
  • Total Hours – 36 Hours 
  • Intakes in January, May, July & October
    The classes are structured; 
    – Thrice a week (Each session is 2 Hours) 
    – Day, Evening or Weekend Classes Available. 


(Payment can be made up to 3 installments)  
To Register: Sign up in our registration form below. A member from Nakuru Box will contact you immediately. 
REGISTRATION FEE: KSH 1,000 (To be discounted from course cost)

Till Number: 5038237
(Nakuru Box) 

Payment A/C Detail: 
Equity Bank A/C Name: Nakuru Box Ventures Ltd 
Equity Bank A/C No: 1460279345038


On completion of this course, you’ll walk away with:

  • An understanding of the various elements and channels that make up a holistic digital marketing strategy
  • Practical skills in web design, analytics, SEO, online copywriting, PPC, social media marketing, and email marketing
  • Knowledge that is transferable to a broad range of contexts and industries, across different career levels
  • Certificate in Digital Marketing.
  • 6 Months Free Consultancy from Nakuru Box Team. 
  • 1 Month Free Co-work flexible desk space 




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