Nakuru Box is an entrepreneurship space in Nakuru Town where entrepreneurs, freelancer and startups share a collaborative environment to drive success in their business.
     During this uncertain time brought by covid-19, we are called to be our brother’s keeper. As Nakuru Box we recognize our ability to bring our network and other business people on board towards giving back to families with disabled heads, who are struggling to feed their families. The UN World Food Programme estimate that the number of people facing acute food insecurity could nearly double this year to 265 million due to the economic fallout of Covid – 19. They are calling for action. 
     Nakuru Box with the help of all the partners and entrepreneurs answered the call to feed families within Nakuru who are struggling during this time with a package that will cost KSH 1,000 containing dry food stuff to be distribute on 1st May 2020 (Labour Day)
     We are hereby requesting all to donate. Be it food stuff or cash. 

Contribution can be made to Nakuru Box Official Till Number: 5038237 (Nakuru Box) 

Project Lead : Beatrice Thuo (0710965583)